Banks are not the only ones with AML obligations. Few organisations are left untouched by anti-money laundering regulations. Financial services firms of all types and sizes must be able to demonstrate compliance with customer and client due diligence, staff money laundering awareness training, sanctions screening, risk assessment, beneficial ownership requirements and more.

For this reason, SILO users range from accountants to wealth managers. We have insurance firms, money services business, corporate services providers, asset managers, law firms, trust companies and others that use SILO.

Rarely does a “one-size-fits all” solution meet the needs of so many. But we designed SILO so you can easily configure SILO to fit your risk appetite, your work flows and your specific country regulatory demands to fit your portfolio of business.

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“As a non-executive member of our Board’s Compliance Sub Committee I have found SILO to be extremely effective and convenient for working with our Compliance Officer on internal AML audit issues. Our CO herself finds thesystem very useful as a basis for our AML document storage and retrieval systems especially in terms of its excellent cross referral facility. Our AML function works far more efficiently with SILO than it would without it.”

John F Dyke

Overseas Asset Management

“SILO has made our Compliance function easier to manage. The SILO team are always very helpful and great to work with.”


Trust Company

“SILO is has been easy to set up and use, providing the necessary tools to monitor and organise our customer due diligence as well as assign risk to each client. In the ever changing regulatory environment, the professional support staff at SILO Compliance have been flexible and very accessible, listening to our needs and adding features as the regulatory goal posts continue to change.”


Asset Manager

“Reliable, amazing, efficient and easy to use, SILO Compliance has helped us tremendously to monitor when KYC documents become expired. In addition to wonderful features, SILO offers excellent user and system support. We couldn’t be more pleased with SILO to help us accomplish our department needs.”


Credit Union

“SILO a huge hit! We provided a demo today to the inspectors and they both were very impressed and thrilled with how easy it seemed to operate and the reporting went over like velvet!” and “…the reports that we have provided and the speed in which SILO Has been able to retrieve [data] is bringing rave reviews.”


Registered Agent

“SILO was a breeze as Kimberly and her team are so easy and accessible. [I] looked forward to my interactions with SILO because I knew they would be pain-free … They’re actually simply amazing and meet you as the client at your point of need. That aligns well with our firm culture and I was really happy to be on the receiving end of that. 100% endorsement from me.”

Johann Henry

Partner at GHP